BFH Launcher

BFH Launcher is small program that simplifies process of running Battlefield Heroes game. So that you can play it like any other „normal” game. Just click desktop icon and you can select your hero. BFH Launcher automates everything else, it:

  1. opens up web browser
  2. navigate to Battlefield Heroes website
  3. log in with your e-mail address and password
  4. click „Play Now” button
  5. close web browser when game starts

As far as i know non of those actions are illegal. You do them every day when you want to play the game. Program just automates them for you to save time. Program does not modify any game files, don’t have any positive or negative influence on game. And it’s turned off when game is launched.

If you don’t believe in my good intentions, e.g. think that it could send your login data somewhere, there is a source code included.

BFH Launcher is created using AutoIt, installed using Inno Setup and distributed under GPL.


How To

BFH Launcher is using Internet Explorer as web browser, it’s easier to script it (sorry for that). So before using launcher make sure that Battlefield Heroes is installed in IE correctly, you can play through it and there is no pop ups.

IE9 note: to run correctly in IE9 you need to run BFH website in compatibility mode. To do that, open Internet Explorer 9 and go to then click Compatibility View button () in right side of address bar. It will change to: . It should work now.

To install BFH Launcher just run setup program that you can download below and enter Battlefield Heroes login information in settings dialog. You’re done. Now you can use newly created desktop shortcut.


Current version: rev7 (ChangeLog)

bfh_launcher_rev7_setup.exe (910 KB) – setup (109,4 KB) – source code