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Why I prefer Vue.js over Angular


When looking at Angular vs Vue.js both have a little bit different mentality. While Angular is aiming to be a platform for building web applications, Vue.js is a lightweight core library focused on the view layer only, that can be easily integrated with other libraries.

Nevertheless here are few areas in which I think Vue.js is better than Angular:

  • Vue.js can be used as a library in existing code (just like jQuery). You do not have to rewrite the whole frontend again to start using it. This can be particularly useful in legacy projects
  • You can write in good old, pure JavaScript
  • Computed Properties
  • Single File Components together with Instant Prototyping are good for rapid prototyping and small projects
  • You can build Web Component with just one command, from singel .vue file
  • Great devtools
  • vue ui is something new

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rad blog programowanie, majsterkowanie, życie